People usually find me through the world of massage, and over time, with a little exposure, end up incorporating skills and practices from some other areas within the realm of movement.  Massage is a great way to have me help you get relaxed, but it is only a beginning.  I haven't gotten a massage in over 3 years, despite having given many hundred of them.  I know how to relax myself, and use my body skillfully so that i can solve my own problems.  

Wouldn't you want to feel that good, and be that self sufficient?

One the way to helping you feel better, I will be drawing from a number of disciplines of which I am a skilled practitioner with 10+ years of experience in:

Massage Therapy: Trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Lomi Lomi, Sports, Orthopedic, Prenatal, Hot Stone, and a number of high end spa treatments

Feldenkrais Method:  Working with people from a few days old (recovering from open heart surgery), to on their death bed (just to feel calm, and relaxed), I have been working with this method for myself for 20 years, and as a practitioner helping others for 10 years.

Personal Training: Worked as a personal trainer starting at age 20, helping people to improve their strength, flexibility, and technique.

Kinesiology:  BS in Kinesiology from UMD focusing on Motor Learning, Motor Control, Human Development, Comparative Vertebrate Morphology, and Postural Control. 

Martial Arts: Focusing mostly on Chinese martial arts, I am adept at Tai Chi, and Bagua.  I hold medals at several regional level competitions, and fly around the country teaching workshops on how to improve your skill at martial arts.

Juggling: While this might sound irrelevant, I trained for about 10 years to be in the circus.  I got to the level where I was juggling 9 balls.  I learned a lot about how to learn, how to teach, and how to focus through the world of juggling and object manipulation.

Meditation: I have been practicing different forms of meditation to great results over the last 15 years

Neurolinguistic Programming:  Having taken classes up to Trainer level in NLP, has dramatically changed my skill level with, and intentional use of language.  Sometimes all you need to get a better result, is a better model, or a different way of thinking about the same problem.